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NeoDB has various features, and you may image it as a mix of Mastodon, Goodreads, Letterboxd, RateYourMusic, Podchaser, and more.

Public catalog

  • a shared catalog of books/movies/tv shows/music album/games/podcasts/performances
  • search or create catalog items in each category
  • one click create item with links to 3rd party sites:
    • Goodreads
    • IMDB
    • The Movie Database
    • Douban
    • Google Books
    • Discogs
    • Spotify
    • Apple Music
    • Bandcamp
    • Steam
    • IGDB
    • Bangumi
    • Board Game Geek
    • any RSS link to a podcast

Personal collections

  • mark an item as wishlist/in progress/complete/dropped
  • rate and write reviews for an item
  • write notes for an item with progress (e.g. reading notes at page 42)
  • create tags for an item, either privately or publicly
  • create and share list of items
  • tracking progress of a list (e.g. personal reading challenges)
  • Import and export full user data archive
  • import list or archives from some 3rd party sites:
    • Goodreads reading list
    • Letterboxd watch list
    • Douban archive (via Doufen)


  • view home feed with friends' activities
    • every activity can be set as viewable to self/follower-only/public
    • eligible items, e.g. podcasts and albums, are playable in feed
  • login with other Fediverse identity and import social graph
    • supported servers: Mastodon/Pleroma/Firefish/GoToSocial/Pixelfed/friendica/Takahē
  • login with Bluesky / ATProto identity and import social graph
  • login with (requires app verification by Meta)
  • share collections and reviews to Fediverse/Bluesky/Threads
  • ActivityPub support
    • NeoDB users can follow and interact with users on other ActivityPub services like Mastodon and Pleroma
    • NeoDB instances communicate with each other via an extended version of ActivityPub
    • NeoDB instances may share public rating and reviews with a default relay
    • implementation is based on Takahē server


  • Mastodon compatible API
    • most mastodon compatible apps are compatible with NeoDB
  • NeoDB API to manage reviews and collections


  • English
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese
  • more to come and your contributions are welcomed!